It's exciting to see how easy making a curbside donation pick up can be

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With Donate DAV's new email reminder system, we'll send you an email a day or two before our pick up truck is on your street.

When you see the email, gather your donation items into a box or bag, clearly marked DAV. Place them where they will be clearly visible from the street -- we'll pick them up! It's never been easier to make a chartiable used item donation, ridding yourself of unwanted items and supporting America's veterans at the same time.

Many donation pick up services require you to be at your house when they make the pick up, likely making you wait at home until their truck arrives. But Donate DAV is better: once you receive an email notice that we'll be in your area, simply put your donations together on the curb and forget about it. We'll take it on our route and you won't have to think about it for another minute. Here's how it works:

1. Sign up for our email list.

2. We'll send you an email notice a few days ahead of time.

Your email notification will arrive a few days before our pick up professionals are scheduled to drive through your neighborhood. This advance notice gives you plenty of time to prepare your donations and place them on the curb.

3. We'll pick up your donations. That's it!

Simple, isn't it? And since we'll be already be in your area, might as well tell your neighbors about the service too -- that way our trucks can make one pass down your street and help everyone get rid of clutter.

Donate DAV is hard to beat for several reasons:

Comprehensive Donation Service Area

Donate DAV operates in dozens of small towns throughout California. Most other donation services only pick up in the big cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco; still others are limited to a single town or hamlet, operating as a branch of a local charity. In comparison, Donate DAV pick ups run from Redwood City to Apple Valley; from Cupertino to Plumas Lake. We know California and love serving every part of it.

Free Donation Pick Up

The only requirement to get in on Donate DAV's giving program is your donations. When you offer us your used clothing, electronics, and other donations, we collect them and recycle or resell them. The proceeds from these sales have many benefits! First, proceeds go to support America's Disabled Veterans through charitable donations to the DAV organization. Second, your donations help protect the environment as every contribution you make recycles your used items so someone else can use them.

Recycling Super Powers

Donating your old belongings rather than throwing them away conserves precious resources and contributes to a reuse economy. In 2010, Americans on average only recycled thirty-four percent of their waste material. In other words, more than half of all waste material wound up being thrown away and overloading our landfills. We can do better, and Donate DAV is a key component in a strategy to encourage all Americans to get that recycling rate above fifty percent. Imagine the difference when your unwanted goods find their way to someone else's living room rather than the landfill in another town.

Unlimited Acceptable Donation Items

Donate DAV accepts donations of nearly any kind. We know the wild world of product recycling can be a bit confusing. Can I donate those Wii games I got for the kids two years ago? How about these CDs from the eighties I am embarrassed to admit I used to love?

Maybe other people will judge you for the stuff you own, but not us. All you'll hear from us is a whole-hearted "thank you!"

We accept nearly anything you can put a price tag on: clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories; bed sheets, pillows, rugs, and other cloth products. Kitchen ware, electronics, books, and more. When in doubt, put the item in the donation bag or box with your other belongings and let us do the sorting. It saves you the headache, and we'll do that tedious task for you.

So get on our email list now to start uncluttering your life, helping the California economy, and promoting a new age of recycling!

How Are the Donations Used?

All items will be used in either our DAV-owned Pomona store or sold wholesale to private thrift stores in your area.