It's exciting to see how easy making a curbside donation pick up can be

Personal Donation Pick Up Scheduling

Need your used items picked up right away? We can do that.

Just fill out the scheduling form below, and we'll send a truck to your house on the day you select to pick up your donation.

Donation Pick Ups Have Never Been Easier

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Can't leave your donations on the curb the day Donate DAV's truck is in your neighborhood? Schedule a pick up day that works for you instead!

The benefits: not only do your donations get picked up on the day you want, you don't even have to be there. We'll swing by on the appointed day and gather the donated items from the curb. Plus, it's free!

Here's how our donation scheduling system works:

1. Enter your information into the form above, making sure that your zipcode is in one of our service areas.

2. Pick any day we operate for your donations to be picked up right at your address! You don't even have to be home when we pick up.

3. Our donation truck drivers will pick up your donations and leave you a receipt!

Simple, isn't it? And since we'll be in your area, tell your neighbors so they can place their donations on the same curb on the appointed day -- that way our trucks can make one pass down your street and help everyone get rid of clutter.

We accept nearly anything you can put a price tag on: clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories; bed sheets, pillows, rugs, and other cloth products. Kitchen ware, electronics, books, and more. When in doubt, put the item in the donation bag or box with your other belongings and let us do the sorting. It saves you the headache, and we'll do that tedious task for you.

Be sure to enter your email address in our email notification system so that you'll know when we are next in your area, even if you schedule a particular day for us to come. That way, if you forget to schedule the right day for you, you'll still know when a Donate DAV truck will be in your neighborhood!

How Are the Donations Used?

All items will be used in either our DAV-owned Pomona store or sold wholesale to private thrift stores in your area.