Donate DAV helps the environment while supporting US Veterans

DonateDAV: Good for Our Veterans and the Environment

Supporting Disabled American Veterans and recycling for a better planet since 1982

About Us

We make it easier than ever to support Disabled American Veterans by donating your used items.

Donate DAV is a free email notification service that keeps you up to date about the next donation pick up in your area - making it easier than ever to donate your used clothes, used furniture, used toys, and other household items.

Operating throughout California, Donate DAV helps more Californians donate more goods. Donating used goods and belongings helps convert them into sellable items or recycled material. All items donated to DAV will be used in our Pomona store or sold wholesale to private thrift stores. Stand with Donate DAV to usher California into a more sustainable way of life!

The Donating Way

According to the US Environmental Agency, Americans on average only recycle 34 percent of their waste material. We would like to see that number continue to rise! Every ounce of clothing, electronics, and other items that you donate stays out of the landfills and recirculates through our economy.

There are three clear benefits to donating through Donate DAV:

Conserving Resources and Supporting Fair Trade

Nearly everything you donate through Donate DAV is either resold or recycled. When you give a donation, you are not only contributing to the overall economy; but you give someone else the chance to find a new purpose for those items. items. That simple step helps to stop pulling more materials out of our earth to make new items. In addition, donation pickups put hundreds to work locally in California, so your contributions go hand-in-hand with a belief in conservation and fair trade.

Guaranteed FREE, SIMPLE, and PRIVATE.

Donate DAV believes strongly in convenience. The easier it is for you to make a donation, the more likely you are to use the service. That's why we made Donate DAV: an email opt-in service that makes it easier than ever to make a donation and support Disabled American Veterans. In the amount of time it takes to read this sentence, you could already have entered your email address and signed up for donation pick up reminders! It's that easy.

Removing Unwanted Clutter from Your Home

Many homeowners can't remember the last time they used some of the items in their homes. The attic, the closet, the garage, the corner drawer in the kitchen--these nooks hide belongings that have lost their utility. All this stuff clutters up your life! Ramona Creel of says that a main excuse people give for not getting rid of their unwanted belongings is that they hate to see it go to waste. But remember -- you get peace of mind, tranquility, and make organization easier just by donating your unwanted items, and it puts them to use for someone else! Get all the benefits of an uncluttered home without the hassle of driving to the donation yard or the worry that you're polluting the environment.

This service isn't free for us, but it is for you! It costs money to maintain this website and our databases, and coordinate and deliver trucks to serve your needs. But we strongly believe that by keeping this email notification service free, we can reach more people who want to donate and recycle their items. Because the more we recycle our waste, the less polluted California land will be.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about our email notification service. We are happy to communicate. And if you haven't already, sign up for our email list!