The Disabled American Veterans Charity Helps America's Disabled Veterans

Disabled American Veterans

"Building better lives for America's disabled veterans"

Every donation through DonateDAV helps bring aid and comfort to handicapped US troops and their families.

All donated items will be either sold in our thrift store in Pomona, California or wholesaled to private thrift stores in your area.

Why Support DAV?

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping America's veterans who have been victims of injury while serving our country. Supporting the DAV means giving back to those who have given themselves for America.

And at a time when disabled veterans are returning from the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan, the work of the DAV is as critical as ever.

What is the DAV?

DAV represents over 200,000 disabled veterans as their official advocacy and service group in the United States. Your donations through Donate DAV directly contribute to the funding of DAV programming. These programs include:

Benefits assistance:

The DAV's sole purpose is to "build better lives for disabled veterans and their families." Your donated items picked up through Donate DAV's free service help keep benefit assistance free for all veterans and military.

Benefits include access to the 260 National Service Officers (260) who consult diabled veterans -- free of charge -- on applying for veteran's assistance, education, employment, insurance, and other services that veterans and their families need to live quality lives. This service isn't just for DAV members; any veteran can utilize the network of Service Officers who work throughout the country.


The DAV coordinates and runs grassroots campaigns throughout the United States to educate Americans about the critical dilemmas veterans, military, and their families face.

DAV associates operate at every level of the campaign process, from drafting and lobbying for resolutions to educating the public. It's arguable that without the DAV, the Veterans Administration may never have been raised to a Cabinet-level agency called the Department of Veterans Affairs, giving returned soldiers direct representation in the oval office.

Through DAV convention delegates, new resolutions are presented for consideration in congressional offices at the state and federal level. Resolution Number 007 -- Provide a 10-Year Protection Period for 007-Service-Connected Disability Evaluations -- is a top priority for the DAV, whose lobbying efforts are aided by funds provided in part through your donated items.

Voluntary Services:

The DAV's Voluntary Services Program coordinates volunteers around the country to help them benefit the lives of veterans and their families. Volunteers help out veterans in a number of ways: the Drive a Van program pairs volunteers with disabled vets who need assistance getting around town: from the hospital to the grocery store to home and back again. Volunteers can also work at a VA hospital, contributing in a number of ways to the recovery of disabled vets: Everything from keeping the hospital beds clean to spending time with our vets when they need a friend. For this crucial work, the DAV recognizes especially committed volunteers through the Jesse Brown Scholarship, which acknowledges those volunteers who are enthusiastic and passionate enough to go above and beyond in bettering the lives of America's vets.

History of the Disabled Veterans of America

Founded in 1920 by veterans of World War I and the other wars fought around the world at the turn of the century, the DAV was established by congress in 1932 as the official advocate for disabled veterans. The DAV now has 1.2 million members and works daily to improve the lives of the more than 200,000 veterans and their dependents.

If you have more questions about DonateDAV or the non-profit it serves, the Disabled Veterans of America, please contact us.